Over the years we’ve received some great testimonials of our corporate glass awards and trophies. Here are a few:

“Dear Don, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the glass art you recently crafted to show appreciation for the years of service performed by Beverly Northouse for the journal Clinical Anatomy. The piece is lovely and it was great fun to present it to Beverly last night.

Also, thank you for including the card that told about your background. It is a remarkable coincidence that you learned your craft at Mayo Clinic. I retired from the staff at Mayo after 25 years and I am now in the Emeritus Center on the 10th floor of the Plummer Building. I showed the piece you made to several of my colleagues, and many of them remembered you! Back in the ‘50s visiting the glassblowing shop in the Medical Science Building was part of the employee introductory tour and you apparently gave demonstrations. It certainly is a small world!

Again, thank you for crafting such a lovely and appropriate piece for Beverly. The globe as the focal point of the art emphasizes the global impact Beverly had through Clinical Anatomy. She has the perfect place in her home to display your lovely art.”


“THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! The plane was such a hit, and everyone loved it. Tell Thom and to all the staff, I really appreciate their assistance in getting this done in time to present it at the party. He was over whelmed and I didn’t see that emption too often the five years he worked here.”


“WOW, you did it again. I love it, I love it.”
-JaQuitta Williams


Image: Testimonial from Nancy, Lillie Glassblowers client. Glass Trophies by Lillie Glass, Atlanta, GA“Thank you Thom!!! It brought a much needed smile to a VERY beautiful face.”






Image: Testimonial from Brenda, Lillie Glassblowers client. Glass Trophies by Lillie Glass, Atlanta, GA“It is just absolutely beautiful and the wording turned out well also.”






Image: Testimonial from Merlene, Lillie Glassblowers client. Glass Trophies by Lillie Glass, Atlanta, GA“One of my coworkers is a professional photographer so when I told the committee Chairman that you did not take a picture he asked Jack to do so. I think the pictures turned out GREAT and it shows your GREAT work. The chairman loves your work and we are all totally please.
Thanks for doing such a great job”



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