Meet Our Glassblowers

Meet Our Skilled, Custom Crystal Glassblowers

Image: Thom Lillie - Master Glassblower at Lillie Glassblowers | Lillie Glassblowers, Smyrna GA

Thom Lille graduated from Salem Technical School in Salem, NJ and spent five years with the University of Minn. Glass Technology Lab before returning to Atlanta to lend his skill and artistry to the Lillie group. Many of Thom’s sculptures reflect his personality and interests, such as his well-know Triathlon, Cyclist, and Symphony. His creations are for glass trophies, custom recognition awards, crystal ornaments and glass art. Included in his creative designs are elements that have never before been attempted by others, and such work represents challenges and development procedures in rare and unfamiliar areas. Thom is truly a modern day explorer in the uncharted sea of crystal design.






Image: Dom Lillie - Master Glassblower for over 30 years at Lillie Glassblowers | Lillie Glassblowers, Smyrna GADon Lillie began glassblowing as an apprentice at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. After earning his physics degree from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), he remained at the Institute as a Master Glassblower for 30 years. Don is most grateful that his expertise in shaping molten glass has led him to the creation of sculpture. Such artistic expression is his plessure, and he is humbled by his place of prominence among his peers.



Image: Quan - Master Glassblower for nearly 25 years at Lillie Glassblowers | Lillie Glassblowers, Smyrna GAQuan fled from Vietnamese communist in the mid 70’s. He and his family eventually had a family from Lima, Ohio sponsor ithem. After graduating from High School, Quan attended Ohio State University on a full wrestling scholarship in the late 80’s. Quan eventually made his way south after his family relocated in Mississippi. Quans’ brother in law had been at Lillie Glass for a few years and Suggested we give Quan a try after showing interest. Quan sets goals for himself everyday to make things challenging. He said he almost quit Lillie after his first week on the job from frustration, but finished a rush job for Canadian National Railroad consisting of 100 Geese, in record time. This set him apart from the average glass blower which was the boost Quan needed. Quan has been with Lillie for over 23 years creating glass trophies and corporate custom recognition awards.

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