About Lillie Glassblowers

Hand-Fashioned Custom Glass Blowing in Atlanta, GA Since 1955

The passion to create art and the ability to create scientific apparatus result in unusual and exciting creations, such as Anticipation, Contemplation and Galileo’s Thermoscope. (Note: We can change these. They are suggestions. Must have good pictures for any pieces specifically mentioned.)

Established by Don Lillie in 1955, Lillie Glassblowers is the oldest, most prominent studio of its kind in the Southeast. Don was a master glassblower for 30 years at Georgia Tech, where he earned a degree in physics, he was joined by his son, Thom, also a master glassblower, who holds a degree from Salem College and spent five years with the University of Minnesota Glass Technology Lab before returning to Atlanta.

Glass awards from Lillie have been presented to US Presidents, Ambassadors, Consuls and other dignitaries from around the world as well as to honorees from corporations such as Coca Cola, AT&T, NASCAR and Lockheed and to celebrities, including Elton John, Michael Jordan and Hank Aaron.

Lillie’s glassblowers have some great credentials. Read more about our unique, skilled crystal art and glassblowers in their bios.