Expressions in Glass

Posted by on Mar 2, 2013 in Custom Awards

Thom started glassblowing with the LILLIE group at the early age of eight and was producing acceptable creations by the time he was twelve.

Thom is a graduate of Southern Tech and Salem Technical Institute where he received the “Outstanding Student Award”. he was associated with the University of Minnesota Glass Technology Lab for five years constructing glass apparatus for science and research. While constructing in Minneapolis he fabricated a full sized, anatomically correct, glass baby for a television commercial as well as numerous requests for other media endeavors.

Thom has the unique ability to conceive an Idea, sketch It for symmetry and technique, and finally transform It Into a tangible, never-before-seen crystal
sculpture. Many of his recent designs challenges have rarely been attempted and they present issues and developmental procedures In rare and unfamilar areas.
Thom is truly a modernr explorer In the uncharted sea of crystal design.